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LG Rumor Touch Messaging Error


LG Rumor Touch Messaging Error

So, I have the LG Rumor Touch and I'm having problems sending and receiving texts. Once I updated my phone the problem stopped for a while, but now it's even worse than before! It won't send ANY messages, even after I restart it. Has anyone else had these problems or fixed the phone?


Re: LG Rumor Touch Messaging Error

If you have had the phone for less than 30 days take it back and run as fast as you can. There is no fix for that issue. It's something that Sprint is working out with the manufacturer, LG. They will tell you to take out the battery and reset the phone, but that doesn't always work and you won't know you're having issues until people call to ask why you haven't responded. The sprint stores do the same thing so save ourself a trip. That has to be done regularly since there is no fix.Even the Sprint store employees tell people not to buy it.

The failed message comes up for email as well as texts. Even if it says failed it may have gone through. They will try to send you a replacement but that's a joke because it's a known issue with no fix. Of course they will tell you an upgrade was supposed to fix recently, but it they don't garauntee it and since this is a 1st release device, we are the test subjects.

Other issues include:

1.You cannot keep the phone from locking after 1 min. It's an unchangable feature

2. The touch screen is very slow to respond at times or gets stuck.

3. The message notifications come in bubbles which are ok but if you have a missed call you have to write it down quickly because the devise does not save missed calls.

3. If you are on the phone you'll get a tiny little icon indicating the numbers of bubbles/msgs you have to view. The problem is that the icon is so tiny you have to use the tip of your nail to open up the bubbles.

The only good thing about this phone is its 5 row qwerty board.

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