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LG Rumor Touch - delayed notifications?


LG Rumor Touch - delayed notifications?

Hello, sorry if this has been asked before, I looked around and didn't see anything.

This weekend my phone has not been delivering whisper notifications about voicemail until much later.  It DID give me a notification for "missed call".

This happened with two calls so far : I had one call at 2:13pm on Thursday and another call at 12:10 pm on Sunday.  Around 2 pm on Sunday I looked at my phone and it said "2 voicemails", and it turned out the voicemails were from those 2 earlier calls.

What can I do to fix this? I am looking for a new job so this is a very bad time for my voicemail to be malfunctioning. My phone's software seems to be up-to-date (version LN510ZVC)


LG Rumor Touch - delayed notifications?

Check your roaming settings, make sure your roaming it set to either home or sprint only, after power changing the roaming settings  power cycle the phone off for about 2 min then retest...

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