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LG Rumor Touch problems


LG Rumor Touch problems

I have the LG Rumor Touch and it's been receiving messages extremely late. It started the night before last night and then worked fine yesterday morning but started doing it again at about 3:30 and has ever since. I will get the texts a half hour to about 4 hours late. Also, about once or twice a week my phone will randomly shut off. Do not tell me to update; i have tried that. It says there are none. Every time i try to update, it always says Error Code: 7777 No firmware update available. It hasn't recieved the last three updates; I'm still on S/W version LN510ZVC. I think that if i could get my phone to update, it would fix the problem because the next version is specifically for texting problems and your phone randomly shutting off. If you could help with either of these problems, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you(:

Re: LG Rumor Touch problems

Sorry for the frustration you are having .  The software version on your device is the most current out.  When you say text messages are coming in extremely late  is this 10 minutes  an hour or more after being sent to you?   When your messages are do not come in correctly are you seeing a triangle or the letter “r” by the signal bars indicating roaming?   You may need to reset your phone to factory defaults so it will reload it software, before doing this you would want to make sure all important data is backed up.  I will delete text messages contacts and other information that is not stored on t  he  SD card. 

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