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LG Rumor Touch's Menu and Select/Back Function Keys


LG Rumor Touch's Menu and Select/Back Function Keys

Keypad-based phones have traditionally had a Menu and Select/Back key function pair (or trio of special buttons) arranged right under the LCD screen, and immediately above the standard numeric keypad.  With the Rumor Touch, this is functionality is now software based (a dialpad slides out on screen).  However, I have lots of useful, unique, hard-to-find legacy J2ME software I've used for other Java phones in the past which made extensive use of these missing hardware buttons.  The software does install into my Rumor Touch and runs fine...except when it comes to me interacting with it via those missing buttons.  I can't!  No combination of keystrokes I have found so far can invoke those button-dependent features.  Are there any solutions to this?


LG Rumor Touch's Menu and Select/Back Function Keys

Hello OrangeJuiceCup,

I apologize for all of the issues you have experienced. Please let me know if this issue has been resolved, or if the problem is still being experienced. I would be happy to assist you!


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