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LG Rumor Touch video: Messaging


LG Rumor Touch video: Messaging

ok, can anyone help me out here...i am a new sprint customer, and prev had a verizon droid. i am used to having unlimited everything, including internet. but, i am trying to save $, and just went downt to a feature phone (lg rumor touch) with talk and text only....everytime i send a text with a pic, when i hit send, it asks me to connect to the internet...Why would i have to connect to internet, which i dont have on my plan, to send a pic text??? so i hit cancel, but that just takes me back to the send screen. it says on my plan (everything messaging family) that i have unlimited text and picture how do i send a pic without connecting to the internet?? wouldnt i be charged for data use if i connect to send?? help please!! thanks!


LG Rumor Touch video: Messaging


When you send pictures via text, it is considered "picture mail". If you are on the everything messaging plan, that does include sending pictures you should be able to send via a mms message, as long as your not uploading or posting to facebook, or any other website.  The only thing I can think that might be the issue is that your Network Access Identifier (NAI) is disabled.  To check this please call support at 1-888-211-4727 on another phone besides your sprint phone so they can troubleshoot and test it. 

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