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LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05


LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05

Software version LX265V05:

  • corrects issues with predictive text for email
  • adds support for calendar functionality.

The calendar application will require a separate update. When you access the email application you will be prompted to update to the latest version. Once you update your email application, you will see the following message (if you have not updated your device software yet): "A new feature which will allow you access to your online Calendars has been included. In order to take advantage of this exciting new capability, please go to the "Main Menu" on your phone, select Tools>Update Phone>Update Firmware to complete this process.

Checking the current version
To find the current version on your Rumor2™:

  1. Press Menu/OK to access the main menu.
  2. Select Settings, and press Menu/OK.
  3. Select Phone Information, and press Menu/OK.
  4. Select Version, and press Menu/OK.

    * Software Version will be listed in the format S/W Version LX265VXX

If your device is out of date by two or more versions, you need to update your devices with each version newer than the one installed on your device. For example, if the current version is 7 and your device has version 5, then you need to update your device twice, once for version 6 and then once for version 7.

Updating your device  

To update your Rumor2™ over the air:

  1. Press Menu/OK to access the main menu.
  2. Select Tools, and press Menu/OK.
  3. Select Update Phone, and press Menu/OK.
  4. Select Update Firmware, and press Menu/OK. The message “Checking for firmware update. Please wait…” displays.
  5. You will be prompted to install the update after it has been downloaded to your device.
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Re: LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05

Cool, thanks! My dad has this phone, I'll tell him about it tonight.



Re: LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05

Er never mind didn't read the info properly

Message was edited by: jdm1523


Re: LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05

I am questioning if this fixes the issues with the keyboard turning off.

That would be an awesome fix in this update.

My friend has had this phone for a month and I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with it for him.

I did some research and came accross an post talking about ALL the major issues with this phone.

"This phone has so many problems, and I discovered them all in a matter of 3 days. I got this phone on July 21st because my original Rumor wouldn't charge for the 5th time, So sprint gave me the rumor 2. I am completely dissatisfied with this phone so I am going to ask for the Samsung Rant. Now I'm going to list all my problems.

1) It keeps saying I apparently have 7 unread messages. By text messages it has (7) by it. At first it was 4, so I went through all my messages and read them all and it still had a (4). I didn't want to delete everything because I wanted to keep the conversations. But after it got up to 7, it started getting really annoying so I deleted everything and IT STILL SAYS 7! This is just gonna keep increasing.

2) This has no camcorder. The Rumor 1 had a camcorder but this one doesn't. What was LG thinking? Now I can't do video ringtones.

3) I don't like the keyboard layout. The space bar is between the B and the N but it should be between the V and the B, that way it will be easier and there will still be room to accommodate the arrow keys. I often mess up when using z x c v b n or m in my texts.

4) There is no T9 Word. Just some crappy 'Predictive Text' software which I don't like. Also I used T9 on my old rumor when the phone was closed, and if i opened it, it would just be regular ABC. And now with the Rumor 2, It doesn't switch when I open it and I HATE this software, So I am forced to either use it or go back and switch it.

5) When I used T9 on my rumor, i pressed 0 to change the word from the list. Now I can still do that, but if i press space i cant go back and change it. I have to delete the whole word and start over.

6) There is like a tiny opening from when it changes from silver to black, and dust and things always get in it and makes my phone look dirty. Also the screen has a million scratches already and I've never dropped it and I only had it for a few days. Dust also gets into the earpiece.

7) The battery life SUCKS. I woke up at 2pm today, and now it is 8pm. And it is dying right now. Although I am a heavy texter, it should last longer than 4 hours. The Rumor 1 last me all day long.

8) You can't zoom in on photos.

9) You can't use the side volume keys to navigate through your contacts.

10) I leave the keyguard on all the time. You have to press * and then BACK to unlock it. Sometimes it doesn't work at all! This happened to me last night and none of the keys worked to unlock the phone so I had to slide it open.

11) You have to view the message twice before replying, which loses my patience.

12) Not only does it lack a Camcorder, but it doesn't have Flash either so the pictures always come out bad."

Any advice about this LG Canada phone? because I had considered purchasing it.


Re: LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05

Numbers 1 and 4 on that list are the two that really bug me.

It is annoying that for some reason this phone can't properly update the unread text message count, even after this update.

And while your friend is wrong about the phone not having T9 (it does, it is just referred to as 'predictive text' on this device) he is absolutely right about the incredibly irritating way in which the phone stays in predictive mode even when using the QWERTY keyboard.  If the phone is slid open, the only option should be ABC.  There is no need for predictive text on a full keyboard, and it is in fact a hindrance to typing out messages.  I have no idea how such a stupid error ever madde it past testing and into production of 5 different software versions (since the latest release is the 5th variant, though only the 2nd since the initial phone release).

I hope these issues get resolved with a subsequent firmware update.


Re: LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05

I agree completely, the predicative text should only be active when typing on the numeric pad. Another thing I find pretty irritating is how you cannot edit canceled messages. If you misspell a word or something you cannot cancel the message, fix the mistake, then resend it. My old phone did that and I really liked it.

I hope the developers are reading


Re: LG Rumor2 software update available - vLX265V05

To reset the text message count you can go to settings, more(9), and security(*). The lock code is the last four digits of your phone number unless you already changed it. Then choose Delete/Reset (5) and Delete Messages (5). This will erase all the texts on your phone but it will reset the new text count to zero. Hope this helps!

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