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LG TONE Bluetooth issues


LG TONE Bluetooth issues

I sent in my LG Tone Bluetooth to be either repaired or Exchanged. The left ear sound just went out then a week later the right side sound went out. I called sprint and was not able to return the Bluetooth because no one had it in stock. So I had to contact LG (Which I still have a warranty on the product). I am appalled, I sent in my LG Tone Bluetooth to the repair service to be serviced not to receive it back untouched because someone didn't want to take the time to repair it?!?! Then its sent back to me with them claiming “ABUSE!” I did not “ABUSE” my headset! The wire has wear and tear from the opposite end of the actual left and right ear plugs that was not of my physical doing!?!. I am not asking for too much I could understand if the headset was completely trashed. It is still under warranty and I am a customer who paid to have a working product. The LG Tone Bluetooth shorted out on both sides. How can I  I receive some satisfaction to this issue???? I loved my Bluetooth before it cluncked out!!!! and I have been a Sprint customer over 5year now... I believe it to be more... Please... how can I be happy again with the Bluetooth I purchased...(which was not cheap)

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