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LG V20 Bootloop issue


LG V20 Bootloop issue

I recently was able to persuade my girlfriend to leave AT&T and join my plan at Sprint.  We decided to get her an LG V20 and she was very happy with it at first.  However, after only 2 months, the V20 bricked with the same bootloop issue that is present on the G4.


We are both very familiar with the G4 bootloop issue, as I have had a G4 for about 16 months.  I am currently on my fourth one.  So, it was pretty devastating to find out that the brand new phone we got for her has the same exact problem!


Right now her phone has been in the shop for 10 days, waiting for a replacement.  They first gave us an estimate of 3-5 days, but have since increased that to up to 2 weeks.  The worst part is that I can't even get anyone at the store to pick up the phone, I need to go down there every couple of days to see if it has come in yet!


I have contacted Customer Care, hoping to be able to get her out of the V20 lease.  My lease on the G4 is up in a couple of months - I can upgrade then, if I decide to stay with Sprint.  But, they were not able to offer any assistance at all with her lease.  


This entire thing has been a very frustrating experience.  It's really hard to have to be without a phone for over a week, just to finally get one that we know will break in a few months!  I am posting here to see if possibly someone else can help us.


Thank you!


i have heard of a few V20's popping up with this but very few of them. i have had one since its release with no issues. i have a feeling it was just a funky phone that made it through somehow.
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Shanrocks, sorry to hear that. Many device issues can be resolved on a few days, but some issues are a little bit more complex and may require more time to be resolved. Do you have an old Sprint phone to activate on her line in the meantime while her device its being repaired?

Sprint Social Care Team.
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