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LG V20 Unfortunately, the process has stopped


LG V20 Unfortunately, the process has stopped

I'll start off by saying this is the second LG V20 I've had since I purchased it in November 2016...


Several times with the first device, I would get the error "Unfortunately, the process has stopped."  It was stuck in a cycle.  The only way to power off the phone at this point was to remove the battery.  I tried all of the troubleshooting tips on the Internet - wipe the cache, the Dalvrik cache, etc.  It took a full reset of the device to make it usable again.


At this point I thought maybe it was an app causing it (Custom lock screen? Launcher?  Some other app?)  The problem occurred after a couple days with only the apps installed that come pre-installed on the phone.


I returned that one and had a replacement shipped to me.


Within 3 weeks I got the "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." and had to reset the phone and all of that.  I've been too busy with work to deal with it since that happened but now I have a new problem -


The wi-fi shuts off without warning.  It doesn't just disconnect, the service completely shuts off.  Reconnecting to "known" wi-fi connections will often not work.  If I "forget" the connection and recreate it I can reconnect but this is getting incredibly frustrating.


I'm wondering if my issues with the V20 have to do with wi-fi calling?  Where I live there is little to no Sprint coverage at all so we rely on wi-fi calling at home.  Leaving the house, I connect to the LTE network with no problems.  I'm wondering if switching from wi-fi to LTE to 3G and back and forth daily is causing some issues?


I'm at a loss ... My local Sprint store is at a loss...


Re: LG V20 Unfortunately, the process has stopped

i know i have had this happen in the past but noticed it usually happened when i lost my voice/data signal even while on wifi. like it had to drop wifi in order for it to pull back a voice signal. is this happening while both wifi and wifi calling is turned on?
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Re: LG V20 Unfortunately, the process has stopped

Well, there are some steps that you can try to fix this error. You can either Wipe Cache and Data of Phone app, Do the same for Sim TOOLKIT app, Wipe Cache Partition, Factory Reset or Change Battery Optimization settings to FIX Unfortunately the Has Stopped Error

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