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LG phones losing programing info???


LG phones losing programing info???'s been far too long for me not to bring this up as this is an issue with certain LG devices and I have found absolutely -zero- information on what needs to be done and rely upon my own common sense when confronted with these issues.
Often times a customer calls in because of one of the following:
-account can not be validated
-searching for service
-please call to activate (or some similar message)
-welcome to america roaming
-or some other error...
...with an LG device. This has so far either been the LG 225 or LG 125 devices, however I would not be surprised if this eventually happens with all their devices.
When I look in the phone info area (menu / settings / phone info / my phone number) either the MDN, the MSID, or both are missing. This happens on it's own and without any changes being done on the device. When we verify the information on the device (the ESN codes) to see if it matches the billing system the programing code (Master Subsidy Lock code) does not work.
The only thing that will allow us to program the phones is the following code: 000000
Why is this? Why is this happening? What needs to be done? Often times programing the device using this code doesn't resolve the issue anyway. Why are LG phones doing this? Is this an issue LG needs to handle? (imho YES!!!) I've researched known issues for these devices and it gives no information. I send customers to the phone repair center near them for a SW update OTW...however I want to know what the -correct- resolution would be with this.
Do any of you have any suggestions??

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Re: LG phones losing programing info???

I have seen it happen, and when it happens the phone basically needs to be replaced. Even trying to flash a current PRL over the wire will not correct the PRL and it will remain empty. I would have to say it's something to do with the hardware of the device since even an updated PRL andsoftware loadcan't be flashed to the device to correct the issue.

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