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LG xpower overheating


LG xpower overheating

I came to sprint from another carrier because I felt like the coverage would be better. That part of my experience has been favorable. However when I came over to Sprint I received two free LG X power phones. They're free phones accept if I wanted to upgrade because I was unhappy with them I have to pay them off so they're not really free but that's another story. The problem is y 2x powers are getting extremely hot. I've spent 4 hours with Sprint customer service another hour with LG customer service and everyone acknowledges the problem. LG even sent me a shipping label to send my phone's in. That's fine if my wife and I want to be without a phone for 10 days. All I want is a different device in exchange for a defective one.

I purchased my X power from a third-party site and I am currently using it with Boost. The Boost version only had a 1.4ghz octo-core processor while the Sprint iteration came equipped with the 1.8ghz octo-core processor. What's strange is that my phone arrived in a Boost Mobile package yet still had the Sprint specs. Enough on this...except Like you, my X power gets incredibly hot; while charging and not. I know its going to pop. I had a Motorola with Sprint a few years ago(can't remember the name right now...slide out keyboard, HDMI out, non-removable battery) but it exploded and burned my night stand. Motorola sent me a replacement, no questions asked, this after more than a year since purchase. When I contacted LG about my X power overheating and random charging issues(I've had this phone for less than three months), the response I received was less encouraging. The agent offered me such sage advice as, "Disconnect your charger when fully charged" and "If your phone randomly powers off and won't power back on, remove the battery( can't...?)". My previous experience with LG was fantastic. I've been through a lot of phones. Average probably two per year for issues as disparate as breakage, malfunction, coverage issues, etc... and the LG G Stylo was the best device I've ever had(dropped it in water after about 15 months). This phone, the X Power, is a lemon. Some combination of the extended time spent charging this huge battery, the chip set(which may be over-clocked to hit the 1.8ghz spec for Sprint), and the flimsy materials has culminated in this fire-hazard hand grenade of a phone. When you only drop a hundred bucks on a phone, you don't expect a perfect device, but you do deserve the peace of mind that comes from owning one that is non-lethal.
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