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Lg Lotus Deleted Texts


Lg Lotus Deleted Texts

Hi there, Ive just got my new Lg lotus about 2months ago. I was wanting to know if theres anyway I can view my deleted texts? I had a few clients text me important phone numbers and not knowing I was deleting all my texts, every text was deleted. I havea SIM inserted in the phone at all times. I have never connected my phone to my PC, is there anyway I can retrive the deleted texts from the SIM card????? HELLLLLLPPPPPP


Re: Lg Lotus Deleted Texts

I truly do apologize however pursuant to recent changes in the protection of customer privacy with respect to telecommunications data, Sprint will no longer provide ceratin information not disclosed on a customer bill without a valid legal demand. This includes stored communications such as text messages. 


There is not an option to view this information online or to retreive this information from the SIM card that you have placed in the device.


Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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