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Lg Remarque error messages w31 & 67


Lg Remarque error messages w31 & 67

Wireless backup Error w31 when phone is turned on. It says unable to retrieve license info.  I did not enroll in wireless backup. Also I get an error 67 with a very long paragraph about updating a username and password and something will be locked for 20 minutes. Does not affect the functionality of the phone, but is very annoying.


Re: Lg Remarque error messages w31 & 67

Sorry for the inconvenience. You have to go to Settings > Others > Wireless Backup > View Status-turn off Wireless Backup. Error 67 has to do with the data profile. Make sure that your data is on  updated( go to Settings-others- data- make sure data is on and then update the data profile. Let me know.



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