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Lg V30 plus(ls998) using on postpaid service


Lg V30 plus(ls998) using on postpaid service

So I have a wierd situation as I have my LG v30 plus that I had unlocked and used with project fi for work. Now my work has a partnership with Sprint that give us a discount and I want to use my LG v30 plus still with it but I ported over my number back to Sprint and tried to put my LG back on the account I was told I can't put it on a post paid account since it was changed to be listed as prepaid. Has anyone had this or know how to put it listed back to postpaid so I can use it on my Sprint account. I hope I can because I would prefer Sprint, if I can't than I'll just end up going to tmobile.


Re: Lg V30 plus(ls998) using on postpaid service

Let me see what I can do for you. I'm going to private message you to get some additional info.

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