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Lotus LX 600 error 7 message


Lotus LX 600 error 7 message

Hi everyone,

Recently my LX600 has been displaying an error 7 message saying the network has timed out. that would be understandable if I had been trying to connect to the internet. Often it will display the error message immediately after I turn it on and lately, I would say every other time I open the flip, the message is there waiting for me. I have the internet service disabled on the phone and it's a good thing because if it keeps trying to connect on it's own, I imagine my bill would be $30,000 by now.....any ideas???


Re: Lotus LX 600 error 7 message

I have the exact same problem... I have the Lotus Elite and everytime I turn the phone off and on again I'll get the message "Error 7 Network timeout. Please, try again."Also, I will get this message randomly every other day or so. It's frustrating! Have chatted with tech support but they were unable to come up with a fix. Any luck?

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