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Lotus issues?


Re: Lotus issues?

I don't doubt everyone's problems, here.  I like my Lotus a lot, but the native browser (Polaris 6.01 by INFRAWARE, Inc.)has to be the worst piece of software ever written.

Both Opera Mini & Boltbrowser are infinitely better.  Does anyone know how to allow these browsers access to the phone's file system?


Re: Lotus issues?

My son has the LOTUS and he hates it.  I'm in the process of getting him another phone via e-bay, craiglist or some other place.  We haven't been with Sprint long enough to change out our phones.  It froze on him and never came back on and when I went to the repair shop (Sprint) they could only give him a purple oneSmiley Sad  I guess it's true you get what you pay forSmiley Happy

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