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Lotus screen problem: Sprint warranty service?


Lotus screen problem: Sprint warranty service?

I'm surprised to see no rants about the screen problem on the Lotus since there are quite a few on LG's forum at and even a few on Facebook's Lotus page at

Anyway, my daughter's slightly less than 2 months old Lotus developed a problem where the inside screen will go black and you can't see anything. Sometimes even the outer screen goes away. Rebooting will bring the screen back temporarily. The guy at the Sprint store said he could get us a refurbed unit in 2 days, or we could check with LG customer service about a new one.

LG customer service (online chat) said that we'd have to send the phone to them for repair, and if they couldn't fix it they'd send us a refurb and this would take 10-14 days. I let them know what I thought of that!

At Sprint says

"Sprint will cover the manufacturer warranty for mechanical or electrical failure for one year from the original activation date at a Sprint service location."

So shouldn't Sprint offer a NEW replacement rather than a refurb? Heck, so should LG, but this is the Sprint forum so I'm looking for customer service here, since I pay Sprint every month. Smiley Happy I'm obviously not getting anything from LG.


Re: Lotus screen problem: Sprint warranty service?

Warranty policies never specifically state that they will replace a device with a new handset. They always state they will fix or replace the device. Refurbished models always come first int he list because, simply, it costs less for the replacement. Refurbished handsets the vast majority of the time have no issues, it is the small group that cause people to be wary of them. If there isn't a refurbished unit available then a new handset is usually used, but there is a Warranty Exchange List in stores that lists in order how the device will be repaired or replaced and is which orders. Color is not guaranteed either.

Not all stores are full service stores either. So for example my store is an Advanced Exchange location, so we don't have any technicians. All that we do is order a replacement device, which takes 3-5 days. Our on hand inventory is only for sales, anything else is done through orders from the warehouse. Full service locations also have separate inventories for repairs/exchanges versus sales inventory.

Going through LG you are almost assured of getting a refurbished handset, going through Sprint it will probably be the same as well, but you will know ahead of time, before we order a replacement we can see what it will be replaced with and which color
(usually the same one).


Re: Lotus screen problem: Sprint warranty service?

I stopped in at the store today and went ahead and requested the refurb. I am presuming that regardless of new or refurb, the one-year warranty continues. I didn't know about the color not being guaranteed, good grief, why not just give everyone generic phones instead of attracting customers with snazzy special items that can't be supplied? Surely purple phones are plentiful.

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