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Microsoft Outlook Sync With LG Lotus ???


Microsoft Outlook Sync With LG Lotus ???

Doea anyone know if there is a way to Sync calander & contacts etc from Outlook with the LG Lotus?



Re: Microsoft Outlook Sync With LG Lotus ???

Yes. Not a simple task at first b/c of bugs in Microsoft software (big surprise there). Wish everyone was using Linux, but haven't conquered the world yet.

Here are the steps, and you DON'T need full outlook (outlook express works fine).

1) Open Outlook Express (or your contacts .WAB file)

2) Go to Tools -> Address Book

3) From the address book, select all the contacts you would like to sync (ctrl-select or ctrl-a for everything, eg.).

4) CAREFUL: Here is the bug, don't just go to Action->Sync to bluetooth, it gives you an error for multiple selections - nice BUG in MS. Open your Bluetooth Places (usually in Start Menu -> Programs-> My BlueTooth Places. I went to My Bluetooth Places -> Entire Bluetooth Neighborhood -> LG Lotus.

5) DRAG and drop the address book selection to "Object Push on LG LOTUS" (or whatever you've named your Lotus Bluetooth).

6) Voila! Several hundred contacts synced easily to the Lotus in a drag n drop!

PS You obviously need to pair your computer to the LG Lotus FIRST. This is not that difficult, just make sure you have bluetooth on your laptop / desktop (can always grab a usb bluetooth EDR 2.0 card on ebay for under $10 if you don't).

Feel free to email me at [removed private info] if you have probs. I just did it so it's fresh in my mind.

-Sebastian Barthelmess

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Re: Microsoft Outlook Sync With LG Lotus ???

Will the same thing work for Outlook calendar entries?

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