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My Lg Rumor Reflex


My Lg Rumor Reflex

My Lg rumor reflex will not turn back on and the dot stays red. Its been on the charger for a while and it will go to the start up screen and shuts off again. I have taken the battery out three times and put it back in knowing that it has worked in the past but it didn't work this time.  I have seen others with similar problems. How ever my friends think it may have over heated but it feels cold to the touch. Iv had this phone for about a year and my mom deactivated it last year sometime. How ever it should still turn back on but it wont. I am going to use it as a back up phone but it has to work so i can. The s/n number is 202CYA8030544 and the modle: is LN272.


Re: My Lg Rumor Reflex


Thank you for your post. Unfortunately if the phone will not turn on you will need to take it into a service center to be looked at. You can find the closest service center at

Thank you


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