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My Original LG Rumor Just Won't Charge


My Original LG Rumor Just Won't Charge

I've had my Rumor since I believe Christmas '08. It was fine and all until about 5 or 6 months ago, where my battery just would not charge unless I positioned the charger in just the right way. I lived with that, applying a little pressure to the charger, pushing it up to make the connection, until that just stopped working. It also has a sporadic battery life, the meter shows full power, to flashing low power, back to 2 bars of life. The response time of many features has aslo dropped significantly. But that isn't the worst part.

2 or 3 months ago, by battery would simply not charge in my phone. Luckily, my sister has the same phone as I do, but hers does not have the same issues as mine. To charge my battery, I have to switch batterys with her when she charges her phone. It's quite rediculous.

It's obviously not my battery that's the problem, nor the charger, but my actual phone. I have very little idea on what to do at this point, my warrenty is void, I would switch plans and get a new phone, but I'm bound by contract.

The Sprint guys in my local mall were of no value what-so-ever.

I'm in a corner I shouldn't be in. Any ways out?

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