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Name On Phone Is Not Mine


Name On Phone Is Not Mine

I was looking through the calls on the house phone and just noticed that when I call home, the name pops up Heather Simpson which is not me. How to I fix this? And why is some strange name on my phone??


Re: Name On Phone Is Not Mine

Sprint and other carriers just send your number to landline companies. However, when you add a Caller ID name to your phone, Sprint sends that information to a big database that the landline companies use to look up your name by the number. Cell phones just get the number and match it to a contact in the phone's address book.

Call Sprint and ask them to update your CNAM. It can take up to 72 hours for the landline companies to update their records. If the info is STILL showing up wrong, call and ask for an LIDB (Line Identification Database?) escalation.

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