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Needing a little help with HTC and what phone is better.....


Needing a little help with HTC and what phone is better.....

I've been through a few phones since I switched from Nextel to sprint.

Like 3 or 4 rumor phones, that was just a peice of junk!

After the rumor I got the Katana LX. It was a good phone till it broke.

After the Katana I went to the SCP-2700. Nice phone styleish but that broke too.

So I got a phone from my sister-in-law the HTC touch.

I loved almost everything about that phone. It was great untel my Dog ate it.

So I got stuck with the M300 Samsung.

I loved this phone at first but the picture mail shows up as a text message.

Its slow and texting is real annoying.

It shuts its self off or when i shut it off it turns back on.

I still have this phone mostly cause my back up phone is a Rumor.

I was told I can send in the HTC touch and they will send me another one.

Though they do not make that one any more so it will be the next upgrade of HTC.

I do not know what the next upgrade is....

So heres one of my questions...

Whats the next HTC upgrade from that phone?

I want to find this out because I am thinking of buying the Lotas phone or the Samsung Reclaim.

Havent decided yet but my bet is more on the Lotas.

Thank you everyone for your opinons and help.......

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