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Network Timeouts, Error 7s, Network Busy.. WTH?


Network Timeouts, Error 7s, Network Busy.. WTH?

Since last night, my phone has decided to stop working. I hadn't done anything previous to it, like update the firmware, drop it, etc. So I tried updating firmware and it worked for 2 minutes and now I'm back to receiving no calls, making no calls, no internet, and no sending/receiving text messaging. And as I live on campus, the cell phone is really the only method of calling I use no dorm phones or anything. I'm sure the bill is paid, and I've updated, so why is the "Network Busy" from 12am - 11am? Or why am I receiving Network errors out of the blue?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Network Timeouts, Error 7s, Network Busy.. WTH?

Where are you located?  It could be a network issue.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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