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New LG Lotus User


New LG Lotus User

Hello..I am know to using the Lotus. I just got it today. I downloaded mini opera and I love it compared to the browser that comes with the phone. I just had a question. Of the things you've downloaded on to your lotus what are the most haves? Besides the Opera Mini of course.

Thanks in advance.


Re: New LG Lotus User

I would say for sure Google Map application and Pandora Internet Radio.

To get pandora to work though, you need to do some messing around with the "internal" files of your phone.

This sounds scary but is very, very easy. Read how to do so at the forums at

There is a thread for Pandora on the Lotus and another that you need to read that explains how to modify a file on your phone called _policy.txt. You need a program called QPST to do this, and the links to the programs etc. are at

Having streaming internet radio is sweet, and like i said, the google map application is good too.

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