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Optimus S and Windows Live Mail / Gmail


Optimus S and Windows Live Mail / Gmail

We recently upgraded to the Optimus from the Rumor and after loading our hotmail account onto the phones, we are having a problem with the server constantly sending old messages to the phones. On my Verizon Blackberry from work, when I delete a messsage, it asks me if I want to delete a message from the device only or the device and server.  Does the Optimus have such a feature?  Also, on my Blackberry, it sorts messages by date, which allows me to group delete messages by date, whereas on the Optimus, we have to go and delete them one at a time...then watch them be reloaded when the phone refreshes. I'm not sure if our gmail accounts do the same thing as those accounts are primarily used for the phones.    Thanks


Re: Optimus S and Windows Live Mail / Gmail


I am your polar opposite. I used the email program for a little, and it worked smoothly with Yahoo mail, synchronizing correctly.  However, now I use only the Gmail account, and abandoned my previous email.  I assume you have already browsed the email settings and have not found a solution.

Since there is not a dedicated Hotmail application, perhaps the Hotmail webmail would be your best alternative.  I saw a webmail interface on the Android Market by doing a quick search for "Hotmail".  Or you can just browse to your webmail from your internet browser.  I personally prefer Dolphin HD over the default browser.


Re: Optimus S and Windows Live Mail / Gmail

  1. Remove existing hotmail account (press and hold the account until you see a menu and then "Remove account"
  2. Menu key (four squares physical button) and then "Add account"
  3. Put in your email address and password
  4. Select "manual setup" at the bottom; do NOT select "next"
  5. choose "Exchange"
  6. Anything in "Domain\Username" field should be deleted and then replaced with your hotmail address
  7. put in your password
  8. Server should be set to
  9. Check "Use Secure Connection (SSL)"
  10. ...and the rest is obvious
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