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Peeved - LG Rumor 2 Earpiece issues


Peeved - LG Rumor 2 Earpiece issues

Alright, I haven't been a Sprint customer for the longest time, and I guess I'm technically not. I'm under my aunt's family plan which I help to pay for. I bought my own phones (first and Rumor, then a Rumor 2) and I was happy with both phones I've had until now.

The first phone I was in an accident with and it broke, which is fine, it was an accident, beyond my control. Luckily, the new LG Rumor 2 had just come out so I opted for that. Which I love, I absolutely adore my phone, except for one thing... the earpiece's sound decided to just stop working.

I have not dropped my phone, it has not gotten wet, I've been absolutely meticulous with with and yet, the earpiece is not funcitoning properly. I can barely hear it. I've attempted everything, I've turned the volume up to maximum, I've checked to make sure it's not on headset only mode, I've checked to make sure that the blue tooth settings weren't on since I don't have one... Hell, I even tried switching things on and off all day. I took out the battery for an hour, I just tried everything I could possibly think of. The speaker phone works, but the earpiece does not.

What do I do? I really don't feel like paying the $100 deductible for getting a replacement, even though I have insurance, which according to my aunt I would have to do. Which, no offense Sprint, is bull. No other phone company I've been under has made me pay that to get a replacement, at least not a first replacement, which I've only had to do once andwas under Verizon. I'm good with my phones, and I am rather peeved that my earpiece isn't working, it's an inconvenience.

I'd rather not have to go to a Sprint store since, even when NOT crowded, the one near me takes FOREVER to even service you and since it's under my aunt's family plan, I know how you wireless companies play things, I won't be able to do a thing about it unless she's there. We both work. We're barely home at the same time, see my issue?

If someone could help me, I'd really appreciate it, because it truly has me peeved.

Thank you in advance.

Message Edited by D0LLFACE on 07-01-2009 02:38 AM

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