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Please Dont turn off!


Please Dont turn off!

I have recently had a problem with my cell phone.  It is an LG Rumor 2.  It keeps shutting off everytime I turn around. I went to the sprint store and they changed the battery but still shuts off.  What could be the problem?  Please Help me!

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Re: Please Dont turn off!

My Rumor2 just started doing this about 2-3am this morning, now i cant text without it shutting off, it used to stay on if i kept the messaging chats up, but now as soon as i try and click a button or anything it just shuts off. I power cycled my phone for about an hour earlier this morning, and nothing changed. I tried to upgrade the firmware and the prl software, once again didnt work. the only thing my phone is good for now is being a paper weight, it wont turn on unless i have it plugged in to charge, as soon as i unplug it it will shut off. its not the battery cause i have an extra that i switched it to and it still happens. I really wish i had found a way to fix it while i was on here, and this is the only posting that has the same problems. I just dont understand why this happened since i havent dropped it in forever! If anyone has an answer to this i would be more that apprieciative for it!

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