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Problems receiving texts and incoming calls Rumor LG


Problems receiving texts and incoming calls Rumor LG

I have a Rumor LG and since Wednesday I have had problems receiving text messages at my place of employment. Everyone else I work with is not having any problems getting texts and there are others using the Sprint network. My phone is showing full service and in order for me to get text messages I have to go under Tools and then Update Phone or I have to walk outside. I had no problems before Wednesday afternoon. I can receive picture mail also with no problems. My phone also will not accept incoming calls to it at the same location. I took it to the Sprint store to have them look at it, problem is I can get texts and calls outside of work so it is showing that it works for them. Any ideas what may be causing this??? Again my phone is showing full service and I have tried taking the battery out and putting it back in. Also in the room where I work there are cell phone antennas so we can get service! Thanks!!


All of the problems you are reporting a weak signal related.  Reply with the address so we can see if there are network issues in the area.  You can post an address very near your address if you want to for security reasons.  There are quite a few Sprint Techs on here and we can see if a network event is occurring.

Something to think about-

If you are near a major interstate call processing is affected by drive time usage.  Does your problem happen all day - any day?


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