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Problems since email software update on LG Rumor


Problems since email software update on LG Rumor

I've had some issues since the Pivot email client software updated.

1) It completely wiped all my settings and saved data without warning. This is not cool at all. At least pop up a warning and let me transfer/save stuff

2) I can no longer connect to my work POP account. It never completes the setup, gives an error code and try again later.

3) Sending email from the POP account I can set up is very spotty. Seems like half the time it complains that it can't connect to the "mobile email provider" This is a Roadrunner POP account, which used to be supported directly in the software, but is now "Other POP"

I'll try again a bit later and see if I can get the error code it's returning. Does anybody know an easy way offhand to downgrade to the previous version of Pivot? This new one is broken.

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Re: Problems since email software update on LG Rumor

I amhaving the same exact problems with my rumor since I did the upgrade yesterday. I have been on the phone with sprint several times and each time they told me something that didn't work. I am lost with what to do and so frustrated. I emailed support at sprint and hopefully if they have other complaints it will get resolved.


Re: Problems since email software update on LG Rumor

I have had the same issues with my roadrunner account on my Rumor. It will give me an error message and/or ask for my password repeatedly and when i type it in it says it is not correct. Anyone get any resolution on this or how to go back to the old system? I had no problem with that and really need my email.

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