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Problems with my Lg v30


Problems with my Lg v30

I've been having problems with my phone since I received it thru the mail. I switched to sprint because I was told they were " good providers". I have dropped calls all the time, my phone turns off a lot, my pics in my pic message turns into a completely different pic when I press it to open it up & & recently I've started receiving the same pic over & over again even though they've only sent it once. That's been going on for the last 3 days now. I've contacted sprint several times & was told it's now the phone even though the same thing is happening with both Lg v30 that's on my account. 


Re: Problems with my Lg v30

Hmm, that's definitely weird. Lets get this figured out together.


Please try the following:


**Make sure your software is up to date

**Reset Network Settings

**Update Data Profile

**Power off the phone for a few minutes and then power it back on


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Re: Problems with my Lg v30

With the V30 display featuring the odd 18:9 aspect ratio, some apps aren’t utilizing the entire screen and leave black bars at the top and bottom. With this aspect ratio becoming the norm, app developers will continue to fix this problem, but LG has a solution in place as well. Go to Settings – Display – App scaling and you can enable “Full screen (18:9)” an any app that supports it.

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