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Problems with switching phones

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Problems with switching phones

Yesterday I switched from a lg x power to a used lg x charge through the website and it went downhill from there. I turned on my phone and "configuring service" pops up. It quits once it got to "updating roaming settings" I've tried resetting my phone, the network settings, and even factory resetting, it still does that. Later on I noticed that my phone number in the status tab is wrong, it's mostly zeros. Calling and texting initially worked but went I noticed the phone number error, I had my mom call my phone and it went straight to voicemail. Lastly, even though I have my mobile data turned on, I can only access the internet through my home wifi. I looked for help through previous posts, there's 2 apns but they're both greyed out. I tried adding an apn but it didn't work, maybe the information I used was wrong or outdated. Anyways, any help would be appreciated.


Re: Problems with switching phones

Hello dlc123. I'll be happy to verify what is going on with the phone. I just sent you a Private Message, please reply back as soon as you can. 

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