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Question concerning buying a pre-owned cell phone


Question concerning buying a pre-owned cell phone

Hello, I have had major issues with texting since May of 2011. I ended up having to get a new phone in the process, and now I have an airave that gives me wonderful signal. Although, EVERY DAY I have texting issues at some point in the day, of course it mostly happens when I am in the middle of working and need the texting to work to get in touch with fellow employees. I have searched and a lot of people use the LG Rumor Touch and have the exact same issue, where there is an error code after trying to send a text, that says something like "network is not responding," or "ack time out, error code 34." I am convinced it is my phone that I have the problem with now. I do not have an update til March and it is only a 1 year update. I really don't want to sign another 2 year contract. My question is, if I purchase a pre-owned phone, for instance, the HTC Hero from the site, will I be given a refund if this problem still persists? Personally, I don't think I should have to pay for another phone since it is not my fault that the LG Rumor touch does not work correctly (and yes, I have updated the profile/software already.)  Mind you, I just recently had a sprint rep call me and tell me there is absolutely no problems showing up on your side, so the actual device seems to be malfunctioning. I do not want this same phone, so please do not suggest getting a refurbished LG Rumor touch. I simply want to buy a pre-owned phone, because from the site it says there is a 0 year contract agreement, which leaves me to believe it is a one time price for the phone to replace the one I have. Please, any advice or help is appreciated. I don't have the time to call/go up to the store right now, or else I wuld not be posting. Thanks for any help!

Sprint Employee

Question concerning buying a pre-owned cell phone

Using the LG Rumor Touch over an Airave open you up to a few reasons why you would have trouble sending and receiving text. first of all the Airave, from last notification, has a software maintenance release pending for this quarter which should correct problems related to sending and receiving text messages. Secondly the Rumor Touch has had problems with sending text also, which has been corrected in a software update. so replacing the phone is not likely going to correct this. first make sure phone has software version LN510ZVC, power the phone off then back on while you are in sprint coverage, not airave coverage, then try to send a text message. please send me a private message if you have a continued problem sending or receiving text outside of Airave's coverage.

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