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Questions about texting and LG Lotus charger?


Questions about texting and LG Lotus charger?

When you check your texting usage online, is that the amount of texts you send? Or send AND receive? My text usage is rather normal for the average teenager, (I'm 15 and it use on average, 25,500 texts a month.) But I am curious to know if that's how many I send and receive, or just send.


For the LG Lotus, when I plug my charger into the wall, it makes a very high pitched sound. It's kind of like the sound the dog whistle app on the iPhone would make. It's very high pitched and hurts my ears, I'm very sure this isn't supposed to happen. Do I need to get this checked out?


I believe it's both send and receive as far as texts go.  You're being charged for airtime, not for whether you're the one sending or receiving.  Of course, if you have an Everything Text or Everything Data plan, this isn't an issue, since it's unlimited as part of your monthly plan.

As far as the charger goes, is the sound coming from the charger or the phone itself?  And have you tried charging the phone from your computer, or just from the travel charger?  I'm not hearing that sound, but then I've only used the USB connection, and not the travel charger.

If it's from the phone itself, I would take it to your nearest Sprint Store for service or replacement, assuming it's still under warranty.

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My lotus charger used to do the same thing. sometimes it can be fixed by moving the charger in the outlet. Im not sure if its just a poor connection or what, but it is definately a nuisence.


I've got the LG Lotus/everything plan and my phone will not keep a charge. No matter which charger I buy recently...It always dies.

I'm beginning to think it is the battery and not the charger ( have had phone for almost a year and a 1/2). I just really

want to upgrade to a new phone..my old katana did give me so much grief. It's to the point where I'm about to throw it

out the window ( should've got the protection from best buy). I thought I had protection with sprint but since the phone was

a gift, no protection (not sure). People: pay the protection fee on all phones you get!! Or you will regret it later. In short: I really hate this




That is so true with the lotus... i had mine for a month when i noticed that it did not hold a charge and now its been about 7 months and its worse holding a charge


i like/love the phone.. but i do know that its not us but a problem with this phone i know several ppl who have the same issue and even with insurance and protection coverage sprint acts like its not there problem...


As far as the charger goes, I've never experienced a high-pitched sound when I plug the charger into the wall.  I use the charger that came with the phone.  As far as some of the other comments about the phone not holding a charge, I didn't have any problems until a few weeks ago, when my phone would not charge at all.  The Sprint Store told me it was the battery and it would be $60 to replace it.  Wouldn't you know, it was just 4 days past the year warranty.  I didn't have internet access on my phone until around the end of August.  I'm wondering if my battery ran out quicker because of that.  I purchased a new generic battery online (not eBay) for $14.99 w/one-year warranty and am waiting for it to arrive.


I  did buy a new charger because the one that came with the LG Lotus died. I have had it for over well over a year and I guess it's really the battery dying. I can't afford a new phone as of yet ( maybe x-mas?) but I will never get one of these again. Period. And I did have a warranty on mine but the saleslady at Best Buy said I didn't ( She wanted me to buy the HTC)....I know because my ex and I both were there when I got it and I watched him pay for it, after I paid for my Compaq computer ( which is also on the fritz!) I don't know what to tell others but the battery does not last long and sometimes we think it's the charger...the battery's almost the same as the phone. So, my advice is : get the most out of your phones, check and see if others like it and after a couple of yrs be prepared to get another one.




Not unlike any other smart phone they only last so long and can take so much abuse i know i have to change my phones every year no matter  what i get ,Its the nature of the beast . Russ


I turn off the internet access when I'm not actively using it and it makes the battery last a whole lot longer. When I want to send a pic it askes if I want to connect, I find it a very small price to pay to make the charges last longer.


My old phone was the LG Lotus.  I found it to be very buggy and LG is no help at all.

I agree with what's already been posted about texting:  you pay for both in and out, unless you have an unlimited plan. (not really airtime, just per msg.)

The charger noise is undoubtedly due to the oscillator in the DC-DC converter*.  It may very well change pitch depending on the load.  It is very difficult to determine if "battery" troubles are due to the battery or the phone's charging circuit.  Of course it is easy to try differnt chargers.. I like the USB suggestion.

*the way these things work is that the AC line voltage is converted to DC and filtered, then run through a little oscillator to interrupt it, then a coil to step it down to 5 volts, then smoothed out and sent to the phone.  what you're hearing is the oscillator making the coil move at a frequency that is audible.

Folks! did you know that Sprint will replace a defective phone with a refirbished one for $35?  This is a much better deal than the insurance, which costs $84/year and has a $50 deductable!  I know this 'cause my Lotus died last winter.

(I have a Samsung Replenish SPH-M580 now, and it has it's own issues....)

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