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Ringtones for LG Rumor


Ringtones for LG Rumor

I have saved 2 mp3 files to my memory card on my LG Rumor touch in to a folder named Ringtones and yet I can't get to use them. Any ideas?

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Re: Ringtones for LG Rumor

Well if they're not showing in your ringtone list as I presume, did you create the ringtones folder yourself? Your phn maybe pointing to a different directory for the ringer list, more than likely in the phn's memory which cannot be seen from your computer because it's only able to see the SD card. The easiest way to do this, would be to use // click "create your own" at the top, browse to the mp3 in question, and upload it. myxer will then format the mp3 and send your phn a text message which will work alot like ringers, knowing the specific ringer format and where to put it in the phn.

Are you able to play the mp3 as a song? If so, see if there's a menu option, (while playing), to "set as ringtone", if so, the phn will copy it to the appropriate folder and it will show in your ringtone list.


Re: Ringtones for LG Rumor

I have a Rumor Touch also and the same problem. I don't have a data plan, but want to make .wav or .mp3 files my ringtone. How can I do that? Thanks!


Re: Ringtones for LG Rumor

I am having a similar issue, I downloaded a ringtone from and copied and pasted it into the sounds folder on my phones SD card. When I open the ringtone from my phone it only allows me to play the ringtone, not assign it to anything. I can't figure out how to assign the ringtone!!!!


Re: Ringtones for LG Rumor

Ringer Types Supported MIDI, QCELP, MP3, AAC, AAC+ and Video Ringer // Is the file you copied and pasted an mp3 file? If so, and you're seeing in you ringer list, then these steps should apply.

Selecting Ringer Types for Voice Calls

Your phone provides a variety of ringer options that allow you

to customize your ring and volume settings. These options

allow you to identify incoming calls by the ring.



Menu > Settings/Tools > Settings > Sounds >

Ringer Type > Voice Calls



Select Caller IDor No Caller ID

. (A list of ring type

categories will be displayed.)


Select a category, and then use your navigation key to

scroll through the available ringers. A sample ringer will

sound as you highlight each option.


Press to assign a ringer. 

As mentioned earlier in this post, will send your phn a text for you to download the ringer in the correct format straight to the ringer list, but if you don't have a data plan, then right click on the ringer you pasted in the sound folder, select properties, and see what format it is. If it's not mp3, then you'll have to redownload it, or get a mp3 converter program from for example.


Re: Ringtones for LG Rumor

When I got my LG I was bummed to find that I couldn't just move my mp3 ringtones from my Razr. What I had to do was convert them to .3g2 files (which are actually video files less the video) and then move them to my phones SD Card using a USB - mini B cable.

Then they could be assigned to a contact as a ringtone. I think there's a YouTube video showing how but it wasn't that difficult.


Re: Ringtones for LG Rumor

For ringtones on the LG Rumor Touch, you have to either have 3g2 or qcp file formats.

Get thourough instructions at LG Rumor Touch Hack Central

The qcp has to be emailed to your phone, but the 3g2 can simply be renamed from an mp3 file and transfered to the phone's internal memory.

Its simple and opens a whole new world with the LG Rumor Touch!

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