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Rumor Touch Data/Internet Issues


Rumor Touch Data/Internet Issues

My LG Roumor Touch keeps "falling off" the data network periodically.  If it sits in standby mode for about 20 minutes it will not connect to the internet when I wake it back up.  Any of the applications and Email will say connection, but will timeout.  Usually an error code saying Network Timeout Please Try again will appear, but it won't connect. The singal bars will turn to yellow, and most of the time the data arrows are gone.  When I try another app it will ask if I want to Enable data service, which I click yes, but the signal bars remain yellow and a network timeout error comes up

I have to power cycle it to reconnect to the network.  I've taken out the battery and even took it into the store for a hard reset, but the problem keeps coming back up.  Some times it will do this 2-3 times an hour.  I know that it is a phone issue and not a signal issue because my wife has the same phone and hasn't had any of these problems.

Is anyone eles having this problem?

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