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Rumor Touch Text Message Alerts


Rumor Touch Text Message Alerts

I've had my Rumor Touch for a while now and I do love it.

My only issue with it is the text message alerts. My only options with it is a sound with vibration or completely silent. I am a college student and don't want my phone going off in class so I would love to have my phone just vibrate/buzz when I get a text message, not make a noise. I currently have my text messages on silent to prevent this.

Is there anyway I can set my phone to just vibrate when I get a text message?

Thank you!


Rumor Touch Text Message Alerts

You can have text message set on vibrate. Go to menu- settings-vibration-messages- set text message to vibrate. Also you can go to settings- ringers- text message- put on no ringer.Hope this info helps.


Re: Rumor Touch Text Message Alerts

I got a Rumor Touch phone to play with the settings and the only way I was able to get the phone to vibrate when receiving a text message and make no noises was to assign a ringer to messages then use the volume keys on the side of the phone and turn it down to vibrate all.  I hope this helps.


Rumor Touch Text Message Alerts

abe- I've had my phone set on that for a while now. When I set it to "No Ringer", it doesn't even vibrate.

drms- Doing that would put everything on vibrate. I just want my text messages on Vibrate, not incoming calls or my alarm clock.

The only thing I have found (and was mentioned to me today in a Sprint store) was to download a silent ringtone and have it set to vibrate, ror it to work the way I want...

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