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Rumor Touch- Unable to Access All Channels List on Radio


Rumor Touch- Unable to Access All Channels List on Radio

I have the LG Rumor Touch, updated with the latest V8 firmware and have an issue. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Sprint TV works just fine, however, while I can listed to Featured and Recent Channels, I am not able to pull up the All Channels list of radio stations. It will just sit there at the spinning ring for about 10 minutes and then give me an error that it is currently unavailable. Is anyone else having this issue? Any solution, is it just my phone, or is this a software issue that will need to be fixed with a future firmware update?


Re: Rumor Touch- Unable to Access All Channels List on Radio

I have been on here trying to search what's wrong with my phone as well. This is the closest to my issue so far. My radio works just fine but I get the spinning ring or just a blank screen when I try to access the TV. I've had my phone since May and updated it a few times but it seems that everytime I update something else stops working or takes longer to access. I called Sprint today and they had me update Firmware, which gives me to ERROR CODE 7777 no updates available (couldn't get an answer about that from the rep), but I do wonder if there are no updates available then why is it an error code? Baffled but moving on. They also said that I could reset my phone to factory settings and see if that worked, and if not then I'd have to put in a ticket to send my phone in and get another one. I now have to find some time to sit down and write my contacts down again so that I can reset it, SPRINT store is no help and I'd rather not show up there to be charged to transfer my contacts becasue their system is having issues. Well let me know if you get any aid on this issue. Thanks and be blessed.

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