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Rumor animated text/picture messages


Rumor animated text/picture messages

When receiving animated messages they do not animate on my phone. It only shows a still image. When I go to the picture mail websited it is animated. I can send it to someone and it's animated to them. It's apparently something in the Rumor. Does anyone know how to make the pics animate?


Re: Rumor animated text/picture messages

I've been having the same problem with my rumor phone. I purchased this phone back in Jan or Feb of this year and was receiving animated text messages just find until April 20th. After contacting a "customer service" rep about my picture mail account, I could no longer receive animated text. I've spoken with three technicians over the phone (the fabulous *2 customer service folks) and have been told that sprint doesnot support animated text messages. Ha! How is it that a service I once had a few weeks ago is no longer supported. I asked the customer service technician where can I make a complaint so this problem can be looked at and was tolded she would put a note on my account. Finally, I spoke with a sprint employee who opened a work order/ticket for me to have someone look at the programing/server information that changed in April. Please anyone who has a rumor phone contact customer service to make them aware of this problem so someone will find out what is going on and correct the problem. At this point, I'm just about ready to cancel my contract and try another company.

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