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Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?


Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

I am due for a phone upgrade, we are at the end of our contract and debating between upgrading phones or switching to AT&T with the iPhone.

Is ANY phone really worth staying?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

Well it really depends...a Rumor 2 would be an ipgrade from the first one however if you are thinking of leaving Sprint for an Iphone then you might want to pick a better upgrade with Sprint. It looks like you might want a PDA (Smart Phone). Go to the Sprint website, and do some google searches on the following : HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, or Palm Pixi...these phones have multimedia features that are good, and good for texters..Not to mention that the plans with Sprint that include data, text and talk are much cheaper compared to AT&T. If you want additional information just reply back and I will be happy to help you out further.


Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

i just got the rumor2 2 weeks ago and it sux maybe i just have a bad one but it never works right the cam is horrible even though i have unlimited data &txt i can hardly get onto the web and sometimes do not receive txts also my pic mail is not working either if i may be switching to a diff company because im still in the 30 day period i am not happy with the phone


Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

Okay. The Rumor 2 is a very nice looking phone. Everything about it is attractive and flashy. What you didn't know is that:

It does not have a camcorder.

It has NO video capability (No youtube, no uploaded videos, nothing)

The mp3 player is VERY basic. You can't browse by artist or anything.

The phone has the option for "Phone as a Modem", but sprint disabled it. They told me it would be enabled on a later date.

You cannot copy and paste files from one spot to another.

Even with a USB sync cable, you are unable to move downloaded ringtones and games directly into the games or apps folder.

(Your only option is to download them directly to your phone)

The phone tends to power down at random times, often when you access an application.

Now then...

The Rumor (it's predecessor) had a 2 megapixel camera whereas this only has a 1.3.

The Rumor HAD video but they removed it for the Rumor 2.

The Rumor HAD EV-DO but again, they removed it for the Rumor 2.

Now I actually still enjoy this phone, but only after a struggle to accept the fact that I had paid too much for a phone that had actually been downgraded. I fought to find a way to play videos, but alas, I have been defeated. There is no way to surpass any of the above mentioned issues. I have spoken to Sprint on numerous occasions, I have chacha'd it, I have blogged, and I have tried it myself.

If you own this phone all I can tell you is to be happy with what you've got until you someday get a smart phone. I read somewhere (and I believed them) that LG builds their phones, this one included, to be capable of oh, so much. But sprint locks them, tweeks them and disables features that would have otherwise been cool. Example? The Phone as a Modem.

I have unlimited data on my plan and despite all of this they say the Phone as a Modem costs something like $50 a month (ON TOP OF THE INTERNET YOU ALREADY HAVE!!). That doesn't seem right, but then I have not been raped by the industry til now so I am not in a position to say what's normal.

Hey Sprint, can you give me an answer? I make it a habit to call three times when I have an issue. Why? Because I get three different answers. EVERY TIME. I simply wait til I hear the same thing more than once. This phone, or lack there of, is not LG's fault. It's yours. Why do you feel the need to make our lives difficult?

Again, I do enjoy this phone. But it took weeks. If you have a Rumor do not upgrade. It is a better phone.

Oh! I almost forgot. When you attempt to play video, which of course, is not allowed, a box pops up that says you must download a handler. (Now I may be out of touch with the industry, but doesn't that imply that a handler exists? Especially when it redirects you to the sprint handler download page?  The problem is that upon arriving at the page THERE IS NO HANDLER.)

Fuck you Sprint. Fuck you very much.

I say we boycott Sprint. Everyone stop paying your phone bill and let's begin making demands. Stop jipping us, stop hiring fucking retards straight out of middle school, and when you say you will do something, I don't know, JUST DO IT. Stop putting out phones that you know are shit. Amen.


Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

I do see that you are frustrated, but by boycotting, you will do nothing but have you services shut off. Not a good idea.

As for the upgrade issue to the Rumor II...I have only played around with the first one and have not used the second version,.,..However, why would you upgrade a phone before reading reviews, checking out the features, etc...It's not Sprint's fault you did not check out the specs of the phone. As for the PAM feature, that is a disappointment, my theory is that it is so limited to use and to specific plan features in order to sell broadband cards.

If you are a fan of the Rumor, I would have waited for the Rumor Touch to come out as opposed to upgrading to the Rumor II.

Buuut that is just my opinion


Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

Dont get the Rumor2. U will be very disappointed. Its a huge down grade from the Rumor. No video camera, the font is so small...u cant get apps like facebook apps cuz fone doesnt support it. Im going back to my old Rumor. Glad this fone was free or I would really be pissed. Cant like of anything good about this fone. I cant understand why its the 2..the 1st one is sso much better except for the charging port breaking every 3 months. Look for something else.


Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

Noooooo!! lol

I "upgraded" to the rumor2 from the original last summer...big bummer. Any ringtones purchased through the digital lounge sound terrible, there's no video recording, and I always had a missed text indicator when I had no texts at all. The speaker on the back muffled the sound if you sat the phone down normally, so I missed a few calls not hearing it ring. While the design is a nifty upgrade, the features really weren't an improvement.



Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

NO!  Run fast and run far from the LG Rumor 2.  I've had 2 in four months with two different problems and all I get is another replacement.  Of course, there is complete surprise that this phone would have problems.  But, really!  2 phones in 4 months?  This last one, which they are replacing--with another LG Rumor 2; here we go again--lasted 5 weeks.  Of course, Best Buy, where I bought the phone and the plan want to send it away for 30 days, have me rent a phone for $150. and then if has to be replaced will replace with another Rumor 2.  I'm almost done with Sprint; especially if the 3rd one has issues. And I'm definitely done with Best Buy.


Re: Should I "upgrade" from my Rumor phone to the Rumor 2?

Yes!!  Boycott Sprint!!  They have the absolute worst customer service.  I have been calling numerous times a week about an issue with my phone and it STILL hasn't been resolved!  All they've been doing is transferring me from person to person and giving me the run around.  My contract is up in a few months and I will NEVER use Sprint again.

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