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Speaker phone inaudible LG G6


Re: Speaker phone inaudible LG G6


I tried in the safe mode. No change. 

Then enabled calling plus. On wifi calling it's fine.

I didnt try the LTE mode with calling plus because I drop calls with that.

High volume and low volume are the same. Very distorted.

The only reason it's important to me is because I use speakerphone in the field on job sites.

What's really weird is that two phones do the exact same thing.

My region has excellent Sprint coverage also.

We have 5 lines and other Sprint phones have no audio problems.

LG G6 is a GREAT phone, can't believe its a design flaw, but maybe so.

Going to trade this baby in I guess.

Will_i_em and fireguy, thanks very much for trying to troubleshoot this. If you think of anything else I will be checking in




Re: Speaker phone inaudible LG G6

I did that. No change. Thanks for trying to sort it out!
Community Manager

Re: Speaker phone inaudible LG G6

It's gotta be hardware.  Have Asurion send you another one.

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