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Switching lg rumor 2 and samsung seek


Switching lg rumor 2 and samsung seek


I have a large problem. My mom and I are trying to switch phones. I currently have the LG Rumor 2, and she has a Samsung Seek. However, she does not do so well with the touch screen/complicated phone, and so we are finally trying to switch. But the problem is that I would really like to just switch all the info we have on our phones, and not have to re-enter 100+ contacts, because that would take a really long time. I have the USB cable, and a micro SD card, but when I connect my phone to my Mac laptop, nothing useful happens. I have been looking online, but I can't find anything. Apparently, the guys at the phone store told my dad it should be really easy to switch them. But I am thinking they were wrong. Please help, I am leaving again for college in less than a week, and I would really like to have this over with, and have a working phone at school. Is there anything I can do, or do I really need to take them to the store and make them do it? And does anyone know of any way to preserve text message history? Because that would be awesome. I am not trying to transfer any music or photos, so those are not an issue.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Switching lg rumor 2 and samsung seek

if you are trying to avoid going to the store location for them to do so, it can be done . Both these devices are wireless backup capable. to save the phone numbers for each would need to subscribe to from the device. Menu> Settings> Wireless Backup> Subscribe. Once both lines are set up to back up your contacts then you could either call 888-211-4727 or to perform a swap between the two. Once they are swapped then wireless back up will put the contacts to each phone number. With a swap only will be able to move phone numbers if you use this method. Photos, Music, Text Messages or any other content unable to be transferred.

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