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Text messaging lagging and typing by itself


Text messaging lagging and typing by itself

I had recently gotten my lg optimus reset at the Sprint store, and ever since then my text messaging has been acting up. I use Swype, and sometimes it won't let me type for a second, or it will lag and then type a bunch of random letters. Once I had been writing a text when all of the sudden it stopped showing what I was writing, didn't do anything for about 2 seconds then something like ahfshshdkfghs showed up. Do I need to get my phone reset again? This is getting really annoying...

(I got it reset in the first place because I was having trouble with texts not sending and dropped calls. Also apps were lagging and much slower than my friends using the same apps on their lg optimus v (virgin mobille) which is in itself frustrating because they pay way less and apparently get better service).



Text messaging lagging and typing by itself

I'm sorry for the frustrations with swype keyboard. Have you tried turning the swype feature off to see if typing in text a different way has the same issue? you may also try clearing the data on swype by going Menu>settings>applications>manage applications>select running tab at the top>go down to the swype application>clear data. If it does not improve after doing this we will need to have a hard reset done. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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