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Troubleshoot if your LG Rumor Touch is unable to send or receive text messages


Troubleshoot if your LG Rumor Touch is unable to send or receive text messages

When you buy this phone why don"t they tell you of the possiibility of not getting or sending text messages. I even took my phone back and they reprogramed it. Still didn't work.I was told to wait for one day and it should work. Went back and exchanged for another Rumor Touch.They should have told me the probability of the same problem. Of course It did not work.They said I have the right program and now I can't make another exchange for a different brand. That is one time only and I am stuck. I am very disappointed with this phone and Sprint for not recalling this phone.



Powercycle the phone(take the battery out and put the battery backin after a min)  and make sure that you have the latest software version LN510ZVB.

To update your Rumor Touch over the air:

  1. Press the Home icon
  2. Scroll to and select Main Menu > Tools > Update Phone .

Then try to send text message.


This wont fix it the version ending in 'C' is the latest and has a known issue of not fixing the text messaging issue.  The removing and replacing of the battery is going to make the text work for a little bit and then it wont work again... helping a cust in the store with this now...

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