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Unable to Log In into my YouTube Account


Unable to Log In into my YouTube Account

Ive had the Lotus since Decemeber 2008 and the only I problem Ive had since then was theshutting down and rebooting itself while watching YouTube videos, but thats all over with since the problem has been fixed.

And for some timenow, Im having a hard time waiting to access my YouTube Account after dialing in my Password, I dont have this problem with my HP Lap what gives?


Re: Unable to Log In into my YouTube Account

Heres more info, I tried several times to Redownload the YouTube Applcation and below is what comes up.

Download Failure:

Issue has been reported. Please try again later (I did several times and it is still the same).

906 Invalid Descriptor-Missing Attribute (MDlet-Jar-URL)

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