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Unlocking the Lotus / Custom apps


Unlocking the Lotus / Custom apps

So I have had the LG Lotus LX600 (fw v10) for about a couple years now. I love the phone, had the Samsung Exclaim, I pulled that pile of waste off my account and slapped back on my Lotus, because the Lotus is superior as a phone. However, one little problem, the phone has limited support for browsing the internet; Sorry that garbage Polaris Browser that is built in is a mistake, and I have begun to love the Opera browser -- of course being locked down very tight, you cannot download a signed version of Opera nor Bolt -- I get a little tired of losing my settings on my browser and every so often Opera and Bolt will 'reinstall' and I will lose my settings. Second most frustrating is the extremely limited functions of downloading files to the phone that according to the manufacturer, are supported but since you are not using a signed program, you are stuck only downloading .gif, .bmp, .mp3; and limited directory support (only able to save to the phone in Opera/Bolt and not the memory card)...

Question is could I use the Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) to unlock the phone and release that capability to choose my default browser and to allow using signed applications? (signed by VeriSign, etc.)

And of course I am going to modify the UI to disable the One Click, yes it's nice, but dang...lag machine -- I have been reading on other Sprint type forums that disabling that One Click UI increases performance significantly...

Any input would be appreciated

(BTW I am out of contract, so hopefully Care/Tech shouldn't have too much of a problem giving my MSL over the phone -- or swap my phone online and swap back)...


Re: Unlocking the Lotus / Custom apps

Agreed:  the POLARIS browser by INFRAWARE is impossibly BAD.  Why would Sprint/Lotus choose this for their phone?

I, too, want Opera Mini or Boltbrowser as my dfault browser with full access to the file system, for downloading & uploading files.

Other than a few minor problems (most notably: Bolt & other application data being lost for no reason, mandating a reinstall), I like the Lotus.

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