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Where did my pictures from my old phone go?


Where did my pictures from my old phone go?

I just switched over from a Samsung Rant to an LG Rumor. The guy at the store transferred my contacts/data. However, the pictures would not load up in my "photos" section of my new phone and now have disappeared all together without me even doing anything. Any idea where they are and how to access them again? Also, I don't have a data plan to go on the web so that's not an option.


Were your pictures from the Rant saved on your SDCard? If so you can put your SDCard from Rant into your Rumor and your pictures should be there. Also were any of these pictures ever uploaded to your picture mail account on the picture mail website? You can go to and sign into your picture mail account. All of the pictures that may have been uploaded or sent or received will be in there. Please let me know.



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