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Yahoo Instant Messaging on LG Rumor Touch


Yahoo Instant Messaging on LG Rumor Touch

Can anyone tell me how to get Yahoo IM on my LG Rumor Touch?  HELP!  I went to Messaging tab and it's not in there. 

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Re: Yahoo Instant Messaging on LG Rumor Touch

After searching long and hard for Instant Messaging on my own LG Rumor Touch, I discovered a review which puts it rather plainly.

"The LG Rumor Touch lacks any instant messaging support. Not even the big three, AOL, MSN or Yahoo. Look elsewhere."

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It seems many a website falsely advertises the capabilities of this phone.

Here's the website for the full review:


Re: Yahoo Instant Messaging on LG Rumor Touch

This phone is pure trash man, before I bought it I ask the seller does it has a instant messenger and he said yes.

I come home happy as ever  because finally have a touch screen cell phone which does not require a data plan.

When I unbox the phone, I when on to make a text message on the screen keyboard and it's not even querty. Ok,

so i said to myself, " Why would they make it none querty ? Well this is stupid." I then go to messeges, where the

instant messenger is suppose to, I look around and realize there is no IM program. I try searching the entire phone,

and did not find it. I was so ****** off. How the heck does LG does a phone with no IM. Then one of their representatives

has the nerver to tell me to go to and download one of the IM programs there. Those programs *** they dont

even alert you when you get a new IM, they don't vibrate, nothing. Man I knew I should have gone in personally to the

store and try out the phone first. Now I'm stuck with this ******** as phone, another things is that everytime you receive

text messeges they come all threaded apart. I was like wth, they make the phone look nice and then they take off all the

good apps and how the phone works. This phone is ******** and I so regret buying it..

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