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Yahoo email app work on LG Rumor Touch??


Yahoo email app work on LG Rumor Touch??

I have not been able to d/l the Yahoo email app onto my new LG Rumor Touch   I keep getting an error "909 Application Authentication Failure"   I'm confortable that have the right site as I had Yahoo text me the link for my phone.  I then went to that site and tapped a Download button.

Sprint C/S suggested it was a signal strength issue which is very possible where I live.  Yesterday, I had full signal strength where I was sitting. The same result happened.

Has anybody been successful downloading the Yahoo email app onto their LG Rumor Touch.  If so what do you think?

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Yahoo email app work on LG Rumor Touch??

Easy way to set your email on that LG Rumor Touch is to go to Messaging-Email and set your yahoo email on Sprint Mobile Email App. I’m not sure about downloading an App on that phone. Also, you can try this URL link to download the Yahoo app

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