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I was actually just looking around to see if there was any way that International messaging and Wi-Fi calling and that type of stuff could be used 2 talk to someone else on your line because my account keeps getting changed without me doing it! Needless to say I found several messages that looked like they came from someone that I know unfortunately from a Samsung Galaxy S6! Anyway with that being said you had told the person that they could check messages or something through email that way not necessarily through Wi-Fi calling or that way but anyway I have noticed that my email is getting checked and off alot on my phone through his Samsung and I have an LG Stylo 3. Now I'm trying to figure that one out? First of all I don't like people snooping into my stuff not that I have anything to hide whatsoever so that person's just wasting their time so it's kind of funny that they would go out of their way to do such a thing so carry on my friend! I don't know how they have time to do this but then again if they are doing this so they can speak with someone else without my knowledge it is really starting to tick me off! When I signed up to use this account I had to use the third email after putting them in to get in the first one and the second one didn't work so apparently somebody has the first one and I guess my husband has the second one is there anyway I can talk to you in private and let you know those emails and I want to know what's going on in my account I have a right to know I am the account holder and I'm tired of things being changed in this account without my permission thank you very much for taking the time to read all of this BS


Re: again?

since you are the account holder you can set it up so you are the only one that can make any changes or decisions...including if/when someone can upgrade to a new phone.



with this being said..i read through your whole post..something about email..on your pone or what exactly? not quite understanding if someone is hacking your phone or if they are somehow accessing your physical email..

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Re: again?

It sounds like a rough few days. No one likes being snooped on. The good news is that we have security in place. From what I have read it seems that the security for your account has been compromised.  If someone is calling in or going online and using your account, that means they have your security info. You can go online and change that info. Actually I would strongly recommend it. Because only the acct holder has the authority to make acct changes. Other uses can make changes to their line, such as upgrade their phone. I get it, my email was attached to my daughter's phone, b/c I logged in to it once. I had to completely remove it from her phone, to keep her from having access to my email. If your email is attached to this other phone and you can remove it, again I strongly suggest changing it.


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