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anyone willing to finalley give me a different phone

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anyone willing to finalley give me a different phone

After months of fitting still nothing done n still haveing major issues with my phone im paying money for a phone that hardley works ive tryed resetting it trouble shouting updatein nothing i mean nothig has worked its still junk just cuz i dont have insurance noone will take the phone n give me a new one im gettin really anoyed with this big time im inchs from sayin to hell with it n u guys can shove it i will let everyone know never to go through u guys if u guys cant even fix the stupid problem with this pile of crap phone i baught n now am stuck with for 2 years


Re: anyone willing to finalley give me a different phone


Thank you for reaching out to us via our forums. I'd be happy to look into this for you. Please provide your zip code, two cross streets, model of LG device you have, software version on the device and how you have it set under both network settings and roaming settings.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team
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